In Progress

Dead Falcon cover

This is Ajalia’s black horse. She finds him in the market in The Slave from the East, and buys him. He’s in an awful state then, sunburnt, and his withers and spine are messed up from a badly-fitted harness and hard labor.

Ajalia keeps him on stall rest, and then she acquires a horse trader, and the trader works over the black horse thoroughly, trimming him and recuperating his mangled mane.

This picture is from The Thief Lord’s Son, in the very beginning of the book. Ajalia rigs up a bridle of fabric and vines to present Delmar to some guards who¬†come to make trouble.

One of the guards, Hal, is one of my all-time favorite characters. I’m thinking of drawing him for the someday-cover of The Fall of Slavithe. I think Hal is endearing.

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