One Point Perspective

sketch 59

I am a baby at drawing. But look at my pretty shadows! Yay!

I’m (insert mundane work details, indicating that I’m a-froth with bustling industry).

You’re reading Victor Poole, and in my current novel, Rosie the toddler is about to be rescued (dramatically!).


The First Queen of Old Laffet (from my fantasy book about dragons)

sketch 51

This is Lysette. She’s a terrible person. Her parents are really rich, so they bought her a king for a husband.

He tried to get along with her, and to fall in love, but she’s just awful. Selfish, abusive, and, it turns out (spoiler alert!), homicidal.

Poor king John.

In other news, I’m cleaning the commas out of a previous manuscript and sweet mother of grammar, there are so many extra commas.

You’re reading Victor Poole, and in my current novel, Gabs is practicing her act with Babs in the hopes that she will attract a wealthy patron or prospective spouse later on.

Well, It’s Tuesday.

sketch 46

Here are a couple of the jaded and possibly inebriated strippers the gang hired for the spontaneous bachelor party they decided to throw for the reputation man.

Vince is going to work on them. And get them off drugs and into more lucrative work.

You’re reading Victor Poole, and in my current novel, Wason is telling the large gangster about his wife.

Rough sketch on a *fairly terrible* day (But it’s a Monday, so what can you do?)


My life currently sucks terribly, due to rude people. Le sigh.

Due to the rude people, I am prepared to offer this sketch and no more.

Again, le sigh.

You’re reading Victor Poole and my day is horrible. But in my current novel, Claire and John are traveling to see the monarch of Asoan, so that’s nice, at least.

Who Me? (I’m Overwhelmed) : P

sketch 27

Hello, folks. Remember how I’m working on some books? Yeah, I’m just in that spot where I’m getting focused work done, so if I change anything I feel like I’ll flip out of accomplishing stuff, ergo, I strenuously avoid blogging (in the sense of ‘I have blogged,’ if you know what I mean).

Yes, Today Counts as Blogging

Also, I am drawing more pictures (see the umbrella-toting skirted person above).

I was thinking about a girl I worked as an actor a long time ago. She wanted to be famous, like, Hollywood A-list famous, the whole enchilada. So she wanted my help, ’cause I’m a really killer director who can get great acting out of a mostly-dead potato.

Oh, Victor Poole, You Vain and Insufferable Cabbage

We sat down and made a list of her goals, and soon after she got started, she gave up and disappeared. The whole process, start to finish, lasted about three weeks, from initial ‘I would like to be famous! Help me!’ to ghosting.

What happened?

I’ll Tell You About Her: Ready?

I can tell you in a couple of sentences.

First, she had previously married a man who was socially nonfunctional and in many ways already emotionally husbanded to his own mother, and that’s a very direct way to cut down an actress’s ambition and ability to move forward in her life.

Next, she had not energetically detached from a deep, primal need for constant relational approval from any persons around her, and she lived among a lot of toxic judgy-pants sorts of mature plants (by which I mean entrenched and conservative church leaders).

‘Down with the Ambitious Wench!’ (Etc.)

A-list Hollywood? Not gonna start happening until she divorces, moves, and busts her backside in intensive therapy to discover a resilient and authentic self.

Hard to sell yourself as an actor professionally when you don’t yet own any part of yourself.

Ah, the cost of fame. Blergety blerg.

You’re reading Victor Poole, and if you want to find out what the aliens are going to do to Diana for provoking Stuart, I guess we’ll both have to find out tomorrow! Also, in my current book, the hunter is nearly ready to take a very large bundle of culturally-significant feathers to the religious council on the planet. (Yay!)

Centaur Sketch

sketch 19

This is a drawing of Ris from my centaur book, which is on pause while I work out issues with the ages of the characters. Combining equine and homo sapiens’ development is a wee bit complicated, since humans marry in their late teens/early twenties and horses are good to go when they’re about four years old.

You’re reading Victor Poole, and I’m doing revisions on my current draft.