The Eastern Slave Series (epic fantasy)

  1. The Slave from the East
  2. Delmar’s Magic (previously The White Brand)
  3. The Thief Lord’s Son
  4. The Dead Falcon
  5. The Magic War
  6. The King of Talbos
  7. The Fall of Slavithe
  8. Into the East
  9. The Kingdom in the Sky

My Name is Caleb, I am Dead (science fiction)

Harder Than Rocks (coming-of-age)

Intimate Death (thriller/suspense)

The Slave from the East



Epic Fantasy

Ajalia, a hardened and ferocious slave belonging to the greatest silk merchant in the East, has come with a caravan of slaves and exotic goods to the isolated city of Slavithe.

Her master dreaming of conquest, and her own ambitions whetted by the unsophisticated natives, Ajalia must navigate the culture of this ancient magical city, and pry from the inhabitants their dark secrets . . .

Delmar’s Magic (previously The White Brand)



Epic Fantasy

Ajalia’s past is catching up with her. Her new servant discovers a secret from her childhood, and the boy tells Delmar, who is determined to heal Ajalia with magic. Delmar’s powers have an unexpected effect on her, and as demons from her past rise up in response to the magic, she begins to lose her edge.

The Thief Lord is growing suspicious, and Lim is spoiling for revenge. Ajalia’s life is beginning to spin out of control, and Delmar wants her for his own . . .

The Thief Lord’s Son



Epic Fantasy

Ajalia comes face to face with the powers of darkness in Slavithe in this exciting third installment of the Eastern Slave Series.

The Dead Falcon


Epic Fantasy

Ajalia thought she had conquered the darkness in Delmar’s parents, but it becomes apparent that the conflict has only just begun. The entrenched corruption in Slavithe presents a complex puzzle, and her powers are brought to the test as she matches her wits against Delmar’s grandfather, Tree. Ocher is pressuring Ajalia to focus on him, and her household is expanding in unexpected ways.

The people in Slavithe believe Delmar may be the prophesied falcon, who it is said will rise from death, and restore the glory of Slavithe . . .

The Magic War


Epic Fantasy

The magical forces in Slavithe, and beyond, rise up in open conflict with Ajalia in this exciting fifth installment of the Eastern Slave Series.

The King of Talbos


Epic Fantasy

Ajalia and Delmar journey to the dark mountain of Talbos, unaware of the deep secrets they will uncover there.

The Fall of Slavithe


Epic Fantasy

Ajalia finally confronts her past in this thrilling seventh installment of the Eastern Slave Series.

Into the East


Epic Fantasy

Ajalia ventures into a new land, Leed takes revenge on his uncle, and Delmar bargains for Ajalia in this exciting eighth part of the Eastern Slave Series.

The Kingdom in the Sky


Epic Fantasy

The action-packed conclusion to the Eastern Slave series.

My Name Is Caleb; I Am Dead


Science Fiction

Caleb wakes in an office. He is alone. A black leather book on the desk is, at first, blank, and then, in vivid purple ink, these words appear on the page:
  To Caleb Endal,
             May you find satisfaction.

This is a bloody, suspenseful, and terrifying novel. Get your carnivorous groove on, and enjoy Caleb’s harrowing journey through the afterlife, which is populated with face-chewing monkeys, shimmering star-dragons, and creepy golden ghosts.

Clare, Amanda, and Monique, the women in Caleb’s past life, battle for ascendancy in his heart as he searches for meaning in an increasingly chaotic and violent limbo. Life, death, and obliteration confront our hero on his flight from the reality of death.

Harder Than Rocks


Coming of Age

Eighteen-year-old Samuel lives in a rented room in the Tavern Motel, and works at the local pipe factory. When he meets a girl at a bus stop, and she doesn’t call him back, discontent burbles over in Samuel’s heart. Driven by disdain for his poor clothes and his cheap room, Samuel walks away from his life to find something better.

A hit man, a smoking dog, and a room full of dirty onion peels finally bring Samuel face to face with the parts of his life that he thought he had left behind.

Intimate Death

Intimate blood v.2


I am the nice young mother who lives down the street. My nightmares are a living hell. Fear me.

Intimate Death is a tale of vengeance of blood. Rebecca leaves her children and husband and embarks on a journey of revenge. Driven by a sense of outraged justice, she determines to purge her family tree of those who have wronged her.