Character Doodle

sketch 35 small

Here is a woman who is in one of my science fiction books. She’s awesome. Yay fun characters!

Fun fact: I was drawing this while flux was on, so I didn’t realize I was turning the sky green. I like it, though.

Once, a long time ago, a really wicked sort of producer tried to use me as the acting version of a whipping boy, and I said “Nope,” and quit the project. It was satisfying, because I stood up for myself to the director and I think he felt pretty stupid afterwards.

Ha ha! In other news, I am thinking about scrubbing the windows.

Here’s some more Diana:


Another Deal With Aliens

The large, thick alien looked at Diana, and then turned to stare at Stuart.

“Look, life mates,” the alien said in a much smoother voice than the others had used. The alien waited, as if to see if either Diana or the young man would protest the use of this term. Neither of them did, so the alien drew a deep breath and went on. “Here we are in the domicile. Less interruptions would be ideal. Don’t touch her,” the alien said, pointing a long, misshapen limb at Stuart.

“I wasn’t going to,” Stuart said, scowling.

“Stop being boring,” the alien said, pointing at Diana, who smiled. The alien appeared to perform a manner of sigh. “What do you want, human?” the alien asked.

“Stop interfering and I’ll show you home. And I don’t even know if he’s real,” Diana said, nodding towards Stuart.

“He is. You have one week. We come down if hurting,” the alien said.

“What?” Stuart asked, but the alien was already gone.

“I think he was concentrating, and he stopped trying to speak coherently at the end. He means they’ll interfere if we beat each other up,” Diana said, eyeing Stuart.

“How long have you been here?” Stuart asked.

“I’m in charge, Stu,” Diana said.

“Yeah, I put that together for myself after they stuffed me in a plastic sleeve for an indeterminate space of time and pilfered my mind for astral projection or some crap like that,” Stuart said, practically spitting with irritation.

Diana studied Stuart, who seemed, she thought, to look kind of resentful.

“Did you actually experience all this, then?” Diana asked.

“The kissing? Yep,” Stuart said, looking angry.

“Oh,” Diana said. She hadn’t expected this development at all.

“And I was there for all the part with the baby. You’re snappy when you’re pregnant,” Stuart said.

“What?!” Diana exclaimed. Stuart raised an eyebrow at her, and her face turned extremely red.

You’re reading Victor Poole, and in my current book, a couple of bodyguards are going to manufacture some special engine parts.