Porathu Parked

sketch 40

Here is the spaceship the hunting party is currently using, docked at a big port in Carnepi. They’re going to charter a larger one when they meet up with the extra hunting guests next week.

Grumble bruhamblerg.

I am titling chapters right now, which is always fun. I’ve been constructing experiment blurbs in my free time, because they scare me.

Confronting demons is useful and all that. And yes, writing blurbs can form a big, scary demon. Because I said so.

This is my brain on not enough sleep. Urgh.

You’re reading Victor Poole, and in my current novel, someone is about to be trained as a spy for the reputation man.

Super Fast Figures

sketch 39

No, the figures aren’t fast. The sketching of the figures was fast, because LIFE.

But this is a rough-in for the night of the rustle, when the city stages a war against a handful of bodyguards. I need to design the room more thoroughly.



On the topic of acting, (’cause this is not an acting blog . . . cough, cough) my vocal damage is improving. Hooray! I’ve got old emotional scars from, well, forever, and I’m doing the old thrash-them-out-with-yoga-and-Linklater shtick. Which, of course, works. That’s the gentle, slow way, which I prefer to the fast, violent way.

Like Muscle-Splitting Massage And Other Painful Practices

You really shouldn’t attempt the quick way, in my opinion, unless you have a five or six person competent support team and reams of money lying around to live on while you turn into a blubbering wreck and process the aftereffects. ‘Cause that shit is ugly.

Anyway, being a plebe, I’m using the slow process, which I think is more satisfying anyway, since it forms a simultaneous route to exploring new impulse pathways and establishing a library of emotional patches to pull from in performance.

Look at me, talking about myself like a regular old egotist! Told you it was working : )

You’re reading Victor Poole, and I’m thinking about buying donuts after work today. Because… because donuts. And in my current novel, a bigamous gangster is in a lot of trouble with the reputation man.

Vince the Hunter

sketch 38 crop

Here’s Vince in the screensaver from the first book in my series I’m working on. He was in the desert collecting speed-cornet lizards, but the photographer for a science magazine told him that was too boring for pictures, so Vince grabbed one of his spears.

Yay Vince!

You’re reading Victor Poole, and in my current novel, a pair of gangsters are trying to throw an impromptu bachelor party for Mr. Weston.

Half a Sketch, ‘Cause Busy


This is the monarch of Asoan, and it is half a sketch because he’s looking up at Claire and I’m not happy with her half of the picture yet. He’s in the library, though. Ah, layers.

(Which mean I can totally temporarily erase half the picture and work on it later. Ha ha!)

You’re reading Victor Poole, and in my current novel, someone who has been wanting to for a long time is about to ride on a hover bike. (Yay!)

Character Doodle

sketch 35 small

Here is a woman who is in one of my science fiction books. She’s awesome. Yay fun characters!

Fun fact: I was drawing this while flux was on, so I didn’t realize I was turning the sky green. I like it, though.

Once, a long time ago, a really wicked sort of producer tried to use me as the acting version of a whipping boy, and I said “Nope,” and quit the project. It was satisfying, because I stood up for myself to the director and I think he felt pretty stupid afterwards.

Ha ha! In other news, I am thinking about scrubbing the windows.

You’re reading Victor Poole, and in my current book, a couple of bodyguards are going to manufacture some special engine parts.

Another Wing Study

pra bird

So I had an acting teacher once who was annoyed with my cheekbones.

Color Me Elven Or Something

They’re good cheekbones.

She didn’t like how pretty they were, so she decided that I had a problem with smiling too much on stage, and she would give me feedback on scenes that mainly focused on how she had decided I was breaking character by smiling.


Victor Poole, You And Your Pretty Face!

She wasn’t a very nice person. ‘Cause I’m highly photogenic when smiling. Thanks, cheekbones.

One time I had an assigned Shakespeare scene in her class and the whole thing went off really well. My scene partner did a good job, and I was all gorgeous and perfect and everything. The teacher scowled the whole time and couldn’t find anything to criticize, since it was a falling-in-love scene and required, obviously, plenty of smiling.

This Woman Wanted Me Droopy And Frowny

She did make sure that I never got a good scene like that to work on again. She wanted to be sure I was playing very old or chubby characters who needed to cry a lot.

Unfortunately for her ego, I was good at that, too.

Ah, terrible acting teachers.

Topic Change!

You’re reading Victor Poole, and I’m going over past drafts with list-making in mind, to ensure coherency in the next scenes.