What Could Happen If You Gave Yourself Permission To Try Today?


There is something that you’re imagining doing far in the future, like when you’re older, and you finally have enough money, and things don’t feel so strained and impossible. It’s a thing that you feel is part of your true identity, and you live right now on borrowed time, because you’re holding your breath until you can have that thing, and experience your true self as you will be when you are doing your real thing.

Life As A Holding Tank

It’s hard to exist, moment-to-moment, right now, because you are so far away from the thing. Sometimes you look at where you are today, and where you’ll need to be for your true self to manifest fully, and you feel overwhelmed with unnameable stuff. There’s just a massive, heavy blanket of squashing, foggy feelings, and you’ve never really been able to clear them all away.

Pea-Soup Fog

You make plans, from time to time, about how you will get from where you are today to where you will be then, but mundane tasks continually intrude. You have to go to work, and then you have to get to the store, and then you have a project due, and you said you’d go to that thing on Thursday night, and the days pass, and the dream remains, whole and perfect and seemingly out of reach.

What Comes Next?

If you sit yourself down and get serious about your situation, and confront yourself with the reality of where you are, you can’t bear to keep thinking about it, and you distract yourself. You live, in fact, in a state of nearly-endless distraction, and at the heart of your being, constant in every moment, is the vision of who you will become, later.

Just Not Right Now

This is a trap. It’s an illusion, and a lie. When you are living in this numb state of partial existence, you are not, in fact, moving any closer to your interior truth. When you are in this state, you are living in denial of your true situation, and your real self is gradually eroding away.

The Loss Of Inner Connection

What comes next is really painful, and I wish there was an easier way of exposing it, but here we are. If you feel that way, the way I described above, and there is a bright, beautiful light of pure wonder hovering in the distance before you, you are living in a damaged energy state. Your aura, if you will, is shattered, and the numb sensations you experience are the cutting shards of your natural energy shell.

A Cocoon Of Partial Death

Humans are born whole, most of the time, and as time passes, and their parental figures keep them alive, their auras are gradually torn to pieces. You may have been destroyed, energetically, long before you could walk or talk. If you are functional, and have a job and any kinds of stable relationships, you have done the impossible, and become a functional facsimile of your natural self.

A Shadowy Copy Of What You Feel Inside

Where you are now is muffled up in thick, stifling bandages. You’ve wrapped yourself, and your psychic and emotional injuries, in reams of deadening fabric. This fabric is composed of thick and deeply-rooted coping behaviors. You’ve made chains of actions, and strings of repetitive thoughts that are like an IV feed for your soul; they keep you moving forward.

Getting Along As Best You Can

For example, you tell yourself that you are getting closer to being your true self, but that is a lie, and deep in your heart, you know that. You are aware that you’re lying to yourself, but you can’t stand to face the obliteration that threatens you when you peel away the habitual behaviors and thoughts. You may, from time to time, have inflicted reality on yourself, and you likely spiraled so swiftly into a morbid depression that you pulled back immediately, and wrapped yourself up again as quickly as you could. Functionality is paramount. It is better to be moving forward, and existing, than to allow yourself to fragment into myriad throbbing pieces of broken soul.

Without A Replacing Structure, Healing Is Impossible

Now, to the point. You want to become your true self, but you can’t even begin to figure out how to start. You don’t know who can help you, or how to change yourself into what you know you could and should and will be.

The Future Vision Of What You Can Do

You believe in what you will be; you can see it within yourself, with all the steadiness and glory of the sun. What you see within yourself is real; it is only through a jagged, horrifying landscape of exposure, cleansing, and rebuilding that you will experience your true self. This is the journey you’re on.

You Have To Pass Through Symbolic Death, First

I made a book for people like you. I heal auras. That’s what I do. I expose damage, drain toxicity, and rebuild your natural colors. I have been able to do so since I was a child; it’s how I survived my early years. If I was in the room with you, in person, I would open up your energy field and draw the disruption to the surface. I would pull it into my own aura (I have very complex healing machinery in my energy) and disband it, and I would reorder and restore your colors. You would feel vulnerable, but pleased, and seen. It would feel somewhat hot, but there would be no pain.

I Transform Pain Into Warmth

If I were to expose your psychic injuries over a written medium, say, a blog, there would be a great deal of pain. In fact, you would feel so much pain that you would descend into a feeling of chaos, despair, and hopelessness in a matter of minutes. Because of this, I don’t work over the internet. My energy is like an enveloping tree, or a warming sun; in my physical presence, I calm and sooth your energy. I can do very deep work in your aura when I am actually there.

Beware Fake Energy-Reading People; They Suck

I wrote a book. It is really one very long book, broken into nine parts, and it does to your aura what I would do to your aura if I were next to you right now. Ajalia is a severely damaged slave; she has been scarred, and she carries deep psychic wounds through her soul. This nine-part book is a metaphor for you; through the story, I lift Ajalia’s injuries out, and drain the pain. As you read, your soul mimics the changes in her soul. As I rebuild and heal Ajalia’s aura, your aura follows suit.

I Think You’re Awesome

I want you to become who you really are; I want your aura to be whole, and pure, and strong. I want to pull the damage away from you, and drain the pain from your mind and spirit. I want you to live in the pure, strong light that you see within yourself.

I want you to be free.

You’re reading a blog by Victor Poole. My nine-part book is here, and will create deep heat throughout your aura as you read. If you want to see energy healing in action, watch Hugh Jackman perform interviews; he fusses over the opposite person’s aura while he talks.