The Surprisingly Simple Secret To Continuous Work



Spoiler alert: Death is the secret to continuous work, or rather, the constant remembrance of the inevitability of death.

Now I Ramble About My Life

Some days I get super tired of being me. I think I must be the most ridiculously, needlessly screwed-up person ever. Because there’s nothing actually wrong with me, but I think there’s a shit-ton of things wrong with me, so life feels complex when it isn’t really.

And Some More Rambling

I have a bunch of projects I’m working on right now. I stopped working on Scribophile, because the people all felt negative and crab-potty. Like, super angry people who stomp on dreams. Those kinds of people. I haven’t deleted my account yet, because I have this idea that someday in the future I’ll get hardened and ruthless, and then I’ll go around practicing my people skills on the folks there. Probably won’t happen, but it’s a nice daydream.

Victor Poole, Hardened Edition!

I have a unicorn for human beings. I know a lot of folks are mean, but it’s hard for me to let go of the idea of everyone being secretly good inside. I had a good day the other time I went out grocery shopping though; I met five or six friendly people, and even the drivers at the lights were courteous. That was nice.

Plus, A Grocery Clerk Thought My Shirt Was Awesome

I didn’t like the newest Star Wars movie. I felt like I was sitting in a country church cultural hall, watching a volunteer production. The worst parts were the guy with the breathing mask (flat, flat, sad) and the blind guy who believed in the force. I have never seen such poor work on a film in an actual theatre. I mean, the performances were severely lacking (those two instances in particular). The main woman was good, and the main guy was all right in the last ten minutes.

Oy Vey, The Scene Transitions!

Have you ever seen the absurdly-long Harry Potter musical online? I haven’t ever sat through the whole thing, but I watched the first parts years ago. Voldemort and Quirrel were adorable.

Now I Talk About My Projects

I’m working on a new Egyptian story, and I’m doing character charts for my centaur book. I have the plot outlined, but I want to establish more detail about the creatures and cultures in the world. I think Amazon is falling apart.

Kobo, Anyone?

Taoism teaches us that death is our friend; imagine for a moment that you are old and grey. Picture yourself on a cold and lonely deathbed, at the ripe old age of one hundred and two. Imagine that your friends and relations, if you happen to have any, are huddled sorrowfully around you, and that you are about to expire.

Here’s The Secret To Working Continuously:

Now, with this scenario in your mind, think of your writing. How many books have you written, and what are they like? Did you give up on authorship? Do you have a career to speak of? There isn’t one right answer, but there certainly is an answer that you want to be the final result. When you remember that you have a finite number of moments left to be alive, and to write, you begin to think more practically of what it will cost you to reach your goals.

Having A Hard Time Writing? Remember That You’ll Soon Be Dead

Death is inevitable, and an impersonal finish to your life story. Is your story going to be one of writerly triumph and perseverance, or are you going to realize that you actually would rather become a professional botanist? If you have a genuine well of longing deep within you, and a yearning for writerly success, the constant remembrance of death will create a spur to your quiet moments, and you will find that you work harder, longer, and more continuously.

You’re reading Victor Poole. Caleb comes to terms with his untimely death in this book. Happy 4th of July, fellow interneters.