The Eager Sponge Who Demonstrates Excellent Pace


Spongebob Squarepants (early Spongebob, like the first three seasons) demonstrates strong pace. I’m clearing out my laptop, so that I can update to Sierra and get the new Vellum update. My OS is outdated.

How Does A Cartoon Help With Pace?

I have a collection of folio ebooks that I put together for my own convenience (raw Shakespeare), and you are never going to believe how pretty they are going to be in paperback form. (Have you ever tried to purchase raw folio for a small production?)

Spongebob And Shakespeare Both Use Stock Characters

Do you have a bunch of old projects hanging around the corners of your laptop, too? My myriad GIMP files are being purged, and the relevant ones saved as compressed files.

I am laying the burden of my parents’ behavior on them for the first time ever. I have been squished all my life, and now the unsquishing will begin to unfold. Are you squished under the heavy, immovable weight of crimes you didn’t commit against yourself?

Sponges Are Squishy

I visualize the energy as a heavy, dark mass, like a liquid anvil in the shape of an enormous (human-sized) slug. The aliens in The Last Cyborg are similar to that, but lighter gray.

Awesome Cyborg Novel, Coming Soon!

I found a new marketing site. You probably already know about him. He claims to be the be-all of answering your deepest yearnings about how to sell stuff. When I find someone new who has authentic movement in their writing, I study them for weeks, until I’ve created copies in myself of their structural energy patterns. Once I stop getting new pings of energy (which indicate substantial engineering below the surface), I move on.

Borrowing Energy Teaches Pace

Actors are the best for this (professional actors), because they have to have a variety of functional energy forms (personal, professional, networking, public, and so on).

How To Strengthen Your Pace With An Eager Sponge

Do you want to strengthen your pacing? Play an episode of Spongebob while you write; turn the sound off, if the words distract you. The consistent unfolding of sequential events can alter your stream of thinking, if you allow yourself to multitask. Creating a buffer of light distraction can also help you to slice below your conscious mind, and get into your creative self.

You’re reading Victor Poole. Caleb’s face is eaten by ape-like monsters. Friday is International Read About Ajalia day.