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Watch For My New Book, Coming Soon!

This is my novel that will be coming out in just a little while. I’ll price it at 99 cents for the first week when it comes out (and I’ll warn you before I raise the price).

Origins Of The Second Queen (By Me)

Several years ago, I had an idea, which was this:

My Idea:

What would happen if you had a collection of small, feudal countries near each other, and the king of one country died and left behind a widow with two children too young to inherit, and the widow, to protect herself, married with a neighboring king in a formal marriage (purely to protect her sons), but then fell in love with the man, and he with her.

What A Triangle!

I wanted to know what would happen to the original marriage between the bigamous king and his queen, and how the second wife, the second queen, would navigate the relationship and protect her children’s inheritance and character.

(Psst, There Are Dragons In This Book)

Claire is the second queen, and this book is the story of what happened.

You’ve been reading Victor Poole. I wrote a series of fantasy novels that integrate your energy field (you’ll feel bursts of rage while you read; that’s healthy, and means it’s working!). Friday is obviously the clearest choice for picking up My Name is Caleb; I am Dead, which contains a buxom young lady wearing a pink belt and a hammer thrust through the loops.