Is Your Lack of Confidence Missing an Existential Qualifier?

sample copy

(It’s not quite finished yet, but it’s getting closer.)


You know, back in the day, when I was actively producing theatre (yes, I know, this topic again), the part that was always missing was the shiny gloss of *stuff*. I had, you see, no money, and little time, so the accoutrements of spectacle were oft neglected entirely, or attempted with a half-heartedness that, um, resulted in a less-than-dazzling product.

And So

Now I’m having the same conundrum about my books. The *stuff* is missing. You know, the fancy, gaudy, dress’em stuff. On the other hand, I’m still working out my process for production of the actual books, so freaking out about this right now would be somewhat premature.


I put my book into the nice blogger-book competition dealio, and now I’m having a freakout. Because I think I’ll be pushed out in the first round of get-rid-of-the-unshinies.

I gotta get myself shinied up.

Now The Selfish Part

I feel so tired, and nobody cares. At least I’m not nobody; at least I’m moving on Amazon, you know? I’m certainly not shiny yet, as in, having a glossy OMG type of cover representative of the fantasy genre, or blurbs that make your panties get in a bunch, but the stories are real.

I gotta learn how to write better blurbs. Oh well. One day at a time, right people?

Lack Of A Pep-Talk

I usually do this thing where I’m like, “It’s okay! We can do it!” but I’m getting tired of doing that. I’m not very good at things yet. But I’m going to get really good at them. Then you’ll see, etc., etc., inveterate railing against the world at large and so on.

I Finished The Series!

You know, I’ve been working on Ajalia books for nineteen years now? I just finished the last one (editing) yesterday afternoon. I’m publishing it now. I guess I need to make some sort of shiny announcement about that.


Look, I finished book nine! If you’re one of those people who refuse to start a book until the series is finished, relax. It’s here! Hooray! Closure for everyone! Although, my editor says he’s mad because he wants the secondary characters to keep going. So we’ll see. I have some other books I’m thinking about writing with the same characters.

More Words

I’m not even having a real existential crisis; I’m just tired. Like, every part of my body is collapsing in on itself, and I feel like I can’t breathe kind of tired. I don’t even think I’m actually depressed. You know, I was super depressed this time last year. Maybe in three years, I’ll be doing a happy jig over a pile of respectable royalties.

I wonder if I’ll have to purge my blog of all personal thinkings, because of being haunted by crazy people. Or maybe I’ll become an insta-star, and sell new books straight from my blog, because ha ha! Reasons!

Back In The Day . . .

The first time I published anything on Amazon, I thought I would die. It was the most stressful thing I’ve ever experienced—except for the opening night of my first produced show. That just about gave me heart failure. Ha! I used to agonize over the uploading process for days, you know. So there is progress happening here. I need better covers.

And It’s Tuesday

Something about Tuesdays feels both promising and heavy with portent, because anything can happen that early in the week, but you kind of hope nothing does, because it is several steps closer to weekend closure.

No Twitter For Me!

I keep thinking about participating on some sort of social media, but I’m pretty sure, from personal experience, that such activity would only snarl up my book production, and set me back. Write, publish, repeat, forever and ever, amen.

Back To Work, Folks

Well, I have a quota to knock out. I’ve got a murder novella coming out momentarily; I’ll probably put it on a free promotion for a day, just because. I’ll be getting Vellum soon, and then I’ll update all my files. I was going to wait on Intimate Death, but I was formatting Kingdom in the Sky, and I felt like, hey, why not? So I’ll put it up now, and keep working on improving my support details.

I’m Freaking Out About Covers; Here’s What I’m Thinking Now

Covers, covers, covers!!!

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