Sneak Preview Of Cover Upgrade!


I’ve been working on a series of upgrades for the Eastern Slave covers. They are progressing steadily. This is the first one, which is almost finished. (Yay!)

I’m using Loomis and a book on perspective to improve my skills. My anatomical construction has always been lacking, so I’ve been working really hard on that, and on principles of lighting.

Once I have the covers in shape, I’ll start putting together the paperbacks. I had to buy some new Wacom pen nibs, because my old one got shaved down to a vicious point, and I was scratching up my tablet.

I’m also working on The Second Queen and The Last Cyborg; they are both progressing nicely. I’m going to put together a list today, of projects I have in the works. I had a list several months ago, but it is hopelessly outdated by now. Lots of positive changes in how I’m working, and in completed projects, have taken place.

I love making lists.

You’ve been reading a blog about writing by Victor Poole. My books are here. Today is Thursday, and several many Thursdays pass through the space-time continuum Caleb journeys through in this book, which is for sale, and which you can buy a paperback of right this very minute.