How To Get More Bang From Your Interim Life

Here is too much info for you:

The Family

My kids have bubbles, because I found some in the summer section of the store last night. We went to the nicest Italian restaurant yesterday, and I’ve been playing Lego Harry Potter (the second one).

Argh, Directing!

I don’t feel exactly like not writing, but I am feeling left out of the theatre scene. Where we live is super inconvenient for directing, and I don’t have a great rooted system. Cut off, as it were, from resources. I keep thinking about posting an ad for the park, but the lure of the future is too strong for me. If I wait, I can get a car. I could save up for quality weapons. I could pay my actors. Hmmanannun, paying actors. That’s like, the holy grail of theatre production. Paying actors well. Like, no one pays.

Really? Yes, Really

Somebody (very small time) produced a so-so homemade morality play in my old town, and the director and producer stiffed the actors a full third or more of the promised pay. Even the professors wanted to do the work, because holy party store balloons, Batman! I could get paid to act!

Which, I think, is sad. If you’ve spent your entire life getting a BFA, and then an MFA, and you still don’t have the balls to be doing legit work, and you’re willing to sell your soul for $80 in a pro-insular three-hour monstrosity of didacticism? That’s just sad.

Silly professors.

You’re Just Jealous That You Don’t Have An MFA!

My boss (back in the day) thought I should go and get an MFA. And I was like, not today. Nope. I looked twelve back then. I’m in my late twenties, and I’m starting to look more like an eighteen-year-old now. I figure I’ll look twenty-five when I’m thirty-five, and by then my life will have mellowed.

I have at least that much vocal work to sift through, anyway.

The Moral

I just feel so redundant, you know? [More writing redacted for adult content. Read chapters 21-22 in Kingdom in the Sky when it comes out in a couple of weeks to find out what I shouldn’t put on my blog. My father is actually like that. In real life. And he works with little kids. Which is disturbing.] Anyway.

It’s like a waiting game. I feel like I’m waiting for things to happen, and it isn’t the kind of waiting where you’re like, “Things will get better someday, if I just close my eyes!” but the kind of waiting where you plant an acorn, and you fertilize it and water it and then sit down in a nice lawn chair with your handy laptop and write a few novels while you’re waiting for the sapling to get taller. It’s like that.

And Bugs

Apparently the bugs here are in mating season. There are clouds of butt-joined insects drifting busily through the air. Eh.

Back to writing, I guess.