Unfinished Cover Detail

Claire detail

This is Claire, the queen of Caldhart. I’ve been working on her story, which has dragons in it.

I completed a new novella yesterday afternoon, but I’m saving up for Vellum, and I don’t want to publish this new story until I buy the unlimited package.

I’m really happy with how the ending of the Ajalia series is going. Once I have all 9 books out, I’m probably going to put together bundles.

I’m learning a lot more about my Wacom tablet, and how to manipulate the brushes. I used to work with real paint, but the lack of mess and expense with a tablet is mind-blowing. I have a hard time imagining going back to real-life mediums. I love being able to clip pieces of a drawing and move them on the canvas. I would have had to do tracings and layers before, but now I can click, copy, paste and drag. Lovely.

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