From Slave To God: Ajalia’s Story

So I wrote this fantasy series. And It’s pretty good.

I did something new. I’m sure that it works, and I’m excited to tell you about it.

Well, I’m a director.

In the course of my directing, I found that I’m adept at loosening people’s energy, and making them more creative. Their bodies turn alive. They become smarter, quicker, more sensitive to artistic nuance and mood when they work with me.

The Eastern Slave Series is a nine-book series designed to awaken your strongest creative self. The best part is that the story does the work for you; you read it, and my sneaky director skills do the rest.

Here’s a preview of the first book; I’ll announce and link here when the the full series is up on Kindle Unlimited.


Ajalia, a hardened and ferocious slave belonging to the greatest silk merchant in the East, has come with a caravan of slaves and exotic goods to the isolated city of Slavithe.

Keeping her true mission a secret to all but herself, Ajalia must navigate the culture of this ancient magical city, whose inhabitants are just as intent on guarding their own dark secrets . . .

You will love reading this fantasy series, because it won’t feel a bit like working. And I think you’ll find the story sneakily improves your writing skills. : )