Some reasons why my soul is like a molting, teenaged chicken

I am a loser making over myself into a winner

I’ve been analyzing other writers’ energies today. It’s invigorating. I know I can succeed, if I keep trying. I figure, years of effort will eventually pay off, if I’m invested in changing myself gradually into a more consumable commodity.

I have been experimenting with other people’s way of doing things; I like my way better, but now I’ve tried other methods of writing/scheduling, so I’m more confident about what I like doing.

My youngest child is being potty trained, which is a huge deal. No more diapers in the future for me.

The weather’s getting nicer over here. My book is picking up and being exciting again.

I’m working on a new cover today. Altogether, a most satisfactory Tuesday.

And someday soon (Friday the 20th!) I will have a book up for sale. Harder than Rocks. By me! Aaaaaaa!