How To Adjust An Emotional Block Into A Creative Surge Of Energy

On writing through emotional blocks, and converting them into surges of creative impetus.

Many of us begin the day with the thought, “I will write today!” Then, after a series of small events, we find that we just can’t write anything at all. If we poke at the feeling of “just can’t,” we find a volatile, rant-like irritation that is reluctant to expose itself in words.

Instead of turning your writing time into research or editing time (and hey, if it was really editing time, wouldn’t you think of it as “editing time?”), open a new document, or page, or what-have-you, and prod the mass of blocked emotion into a free rant of incoherent offensiveness.

See the example below of my own incoherent, flagrantly pompous block-removing rant from this morning:



Now that I have, as it were, purged myself of the formless foment of inappropriate and antisocial emotion, I shall carry my momentum forward into my daily quota of writing. (Which means that my writing time will be spent, ah, writing, instead of doing support activities.)

Go forth, and purge yourself of these nefarious blocks on this Monday morning. Relieve yourself of the burden of hidden incoherency. Unblock the channels of irritated chafing. And so on, and so forth.

Now for work.