Two Non-Questions That Will Help You Decide To Buy This Book

One: You can tell yourself that you’re researching the indie market by reading it!

Two: The ending is charming, and next week is the Week Smiled On By The Gods for reading charming endings!

In other news, I am avoiding the revision of my cyborg novel like the plague. I’ve started the work, but it magnifies into epic proportions as soon as I’m not actually staring at the page.

I am pretty sure the only cure is more work.

Here is the blurb for my extremely non-science fiction or fantasy novel, Harder Than Rocks:

Eighteen-year-old Samuel lives in a rented room in the Tavern Motel, and works at the local pipe factory. When he meets a girl at a bus stop, and she doesn’t call him back, discontent burbles over in Samuel’s heart. Driven by disdain for his poor clothes and his cheap room, Samuel walks away from his life to find something better.

A hit man, a smoking dog, and a room full of dirty onion peels finally bring Samuel face to face with the parts of his life that he thought he had left behind.

And here is the cover:



My excuse for writing such a non-genre novel is that I wrote it several years ago (and it is finally in shape to publish!), and the idea presented itself to me and demanded to be written down.

Now, back to grinding away on my cyborg novel!