Five Revealing Questions For Character Development

Follow the character through the story

Here are five character questions that will flesh out your understanding of your character, and deepen your ability to write your characters with sympathy and nuance.

  1. What does the character not see about himself/herself that everyone else sees? (What is their blind spot?)
  2. What formative emotional experience shaped their expectation for relationships?
  3. Does the character intrude into other people’s lives? Are they a ‘fixer’?
  4. What is the character insupportably vain about?
  5. Who does your character think about secretly (this can be a crush or an intellectual fascination)?

And there you have seven questions that will solidify your character development. Answer these questions for your main characters, and you will more easily inhabit your characters’ minds, and be able to convey their personhoods with more clarity to your readers.