The Reader’s Need To See Himself

I am being so gendered right now. Look at my masculine bias. Ha!

Anyway, when you are writing a story, what the reader wants, more than anything in the world, is to see some reflection of himself; he wants to be understood, and when you, as the author, write down something that resonates deeply with the reader’s experience, he feels seen by you. When he reads this resonant and self-affirming series of words that you have written, he esteems you as a person of wisdom and insight, because you understand REALITY, as he sees it.

Ergo, it is important, as an author, to teach yourself to engage almost constantly in such self-affirming writing.

Shakespeare, you know, was good at this. That’s part of the reason why he is still around, though grossly misunderstood, and abominably produced.

How do you write this way? It is an astonishing secret, which I will impart to you in exchange for five billion internet dollars:

Write down what you really think.