A Few Things Every Serious Author Needs To Know

Everyone is lying to you, and everyone, in their hearts, is pretty much the same.

Well, that last part is not true. There are good people, and bad people, but today we are talking about the good people, and the good people, in their hearts, are all pretty much the same.

They have the same longings, and desires. They have the same needs, and the same fears.

You can reach the good people by recognizing, and writing down, the good inside of yourself.

So how are these other people lying to you, the author?

Well, know first that the bad people are the ones who do the most talking. So we start out with the assumption that most people who are talking with a lot of confidence about things might be morally unreliable.

Then, know that all the good people try to do their best, and they lie to hide their embarrassment.

So when people tell you “Always do this!”, or “Never do that!”, realize that they might be speaking out of a desire to harm you, or they might be lying to protect their own sense of themselves, i.e., trying to save themselves embarrassment.

Many people don’t write very much, and they still call themselves authors. Many more people don’t edit very much, but they will tell you that they do.

A lot of people will tell you how to make money, and say that they have a career, when really they made $300 from their writing last month, and it was a good month. But they will talk about projections and marketing as though they were a Really Big Deal.

I made about $100 last month, on some titles that aren’t linked to my name. Right now I’m finishing a very long series, and I plan to start releasing the series in December of this year.

I don’t know how to make very much money online yet, with writing books. I know how to make a little money sporadically, and I know that it’s possible to make more than I make now.

But know, when you feel downtrodden or embarrassed, that there are a whole lot more people who feel just like you do than you think there are.

And don’t believe all the things you read online.