3 Writing Hacks You Haven’t Seen Before

  1. Write before you think. Instead of staring at the page, and trying to find out inside your head what to write down, let your fingers write each word. Imagine your fingertips as a cluster of excited writers who are all gathered in a Hollywood conference room, and let each of them take turns choosing letters to string into words. You will be shocked at how ready and willing your fingertips are to write the story for you. Give your brain a rest, or a vacation, or a timeout. Give it a lollipop or something. But let your fingertips drive.
  2. Listen to music that you hate, and write quickly to get away from it. And/or listen to really old music, like facsimiles of ancient Grecian instruments. The point is to expose your ears to something quite new and unfamiliar, and potentially catastrophic. Your physical shell will respond, and you will get a surge of writing energy.
  3. Decide to ruin your story. Commit to this idea, and then, sneakily, write down what you REALLY want to write, that you would never, ever think of publishing. Sometimes this material is objectively bad, but sometimes, when you come back to it later and read over it, it turns out to be incisive and brilliant.