Money and Success: 3 Ways to Get Your Book Sold

When you are writing a book, you form a montage of pictures in your mind, like reverse memories. You look forward to how things will be when your book is finished.

If you are worried about selling your book, and you’re afraid that no one will like the book, you might picture yourself anxiously examining the sales chart on your e-book retailer of choice, or staring obsessively at your inbox, if you’re chasing a traditional publisher.

The pictures you make now determine the success of your book later.

If you think of desperate pictures now, you are likely to write and design a book that appeals to the wrong market, because your subconscious is going to find a way to make that picture come true, and the way to get the picture of failure to manifest in reality is to write a bad novel.

  1. Hijack your brain. Make pictures of the kind of success you actually want. Imagine yourself getting that offer in the inbox of your email. Imagine yourself looking with pride and satisfaction at the massive spikes on your sales dashboard. When you create an expectation rooted in images and emotional experiences, your mind and soul will work to make those pictures come true.
  2. Stop talking to people who are afraid. Fear and doubt are infectious; other people who are negative will drown you in negative conjectures, and in doubt. Pretend that you have a weakened immune system, and that every negative thought you hear about is a germ. Now protect yourself!
  3. Follow your heart. I don’t mean by singing in the forest, and dancing with the small butterflies. I mean, listen to the very small voice that lives between your ventricles. Your heart, or your gut, or your emotional center, knows what is going to get you what you ultimately want. Do what your heart says. Sometimes you have a leak, and what your heart says is to fix up the leak, but skipping the foundation for success will not lead to success. Be patient; think of the long game. Ask yourself truly what your next step is, and then listen to your heart.