My dead character is now in heaven, technically

He broke in through the sky. I’m playing Spongebob while I work; it helps me to not get distracted from the writing. I set a timer this time, and just now I reached 65,000 words.

I keep getting ahead of the outline, which, surprisingly, is quite pleasant. I enjoy getting ahead.

Being ahead means that I can take a few hundred words to write a transition, instead of a few thousand. Sometimes the transition takes a thousand words anyway, but then I can trim later on in the outline.

I’m about a week and a half behind on the outline, but technically, I’m 8,000 words ahead of schedule. It evens out in the end. I’m not scheduled to finish the book until next week. If I get back up to quota on my fantasy book, I’ll finish that by Thursday.

I’ve been extraordinarily sick the last few days. I’m feeling a lot better now.

I’m on the final step of outlining for the first book in my dragon series; there are nine books in that series. I’ve got a few more worksheets to finish in my marketing class, and then I’m going back to the beginning to study the whole class again.

I really enjoy writing.

I hope your writing is going well today, too.