Holy fishnet stockings, Batman!

Today I am going to gripe about the unnecessary and glamorized use of prostitutes and strippers in mainstream films/tv shows.

So the other day, in a fit of evening streaming service folly, I watched Enemy, with Jake whats-it, with the heavy eyelids.

And the movie had an interesting story, except for the part where the director thinks women are spiders.

I am not making that up; there was an interview after the film, the director thinks women are spiders.


The takeaway message from the film, for all you streamers at home, is that men only get pleasure out of spiders/women when they get to watch the spiders/women committing suicide.

Because oozy guts and an abuser’s idea of ultimate justice.

Thanks, director dude. Thanks for contributing that profound piece of art into the world. I’m so glad you could share your insight into life with all of us.

Because the suicide isn’t important unless it is also committed in five-inch heels and complete nudity.

The nudity is important, because in real life, spiders don’t wear clothes.